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Watch all the best world news channels — totally for free. There’s no registration, and no limits to how much you can watch.

Just choose a channel from the menu, like Sky News or BBC News, and start watching live. To switch to a different channel, just select it from the menu. All channels broadcast in English.

Live stream world news on any device — computer, smartphone, tablet, or stream channels straight to your big-screen TV with Chromecast or a similar device.

Yes, it really is that easy. So start watching all the free, live world news channels you want.

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You can live stream these channels from any location. No login or registration is required.

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Now you can live stream all your favorite world news television channels in one convenient place. Stop wasting time searching for news streams that may not be covering the stories that you’re interested in. And stop visiting slow, ad-clogged sites. Quickly switch channels with a single click using the menu. Browsing is easy, fast, and enjoyable

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You can watch as much free world news TV as you want. We will never limit your usage, throttle your connection, cut you off, or charge a fee. So stream away and visit often to get your news fix anytime, anywhere!